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Cindy Boykin

Getting an inside look at a cutting-edge surgical system

Scouts earn their Robotics merit badge by participating in a hands-on demonstration of the robotic surgical system at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.

Scouts 1 / Scout Jack Myer looks on as Jake Fitzgerald puts on his surgical booties.

2 / Surgeon Thomas Heffernan, M.D., assists Mitchell Dreger with his scrubs.

Scouts3 / Mitchell Dreger and Alex Aiken are ready.

4 / Dr. Heffernan demonstrates how surgical teams wash up in preparation for procedures.

5 / The surgeon adjusts the camera and scope, which is used for viewing the interior of the patient's anatomy and transporting images to the monitors.

6 / Boy Scouts learn about the daVinci SI system, which boasts three-dimensional, high-definition images designed to provide superior visual clarity of target tissue and surrounding organs.


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